At J Finch & Associates we support your business with a proactive and versatile approach to employment law. We tailor our services to work alongside the needs of your business to ensure you are fully compliant with current legislation.

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Dealing with the challenges of employing people.

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We achieve this by giving practical relevant employment law advice from how to get your contracts of employment and supporting documents right, to addressing disciplinary and grievance issues in a proactive, efficient and fair way.

We understand the additional burden and costs which arise from not having the required contracts of employment and supporting policies in place and disputes within the work place for everyone involved.

Our service is fully committed to helping provide employers with the relevant policies and procedures to prevent problems arising, as well as finding proactive practical solutions when they do. All employers want to ensure they have the correct documentation and employment law support in place to keep their business compliant and up to date with the continuous changes in legislation, and to ensure that every employee is treated fairly.

We specialise in the following key areas of employment law and HR best practise:-

  • Drafting and reviewing terms and conditions of employment
  • Employee relations advice
  • The practical application of employee relations advice
  • Employee handbooks
  • HR policies & procedures
  • Redundancy consultation
  • Drafting and negotiating settlement agreements
  • Project support
  • Toolkits (bespoke to fit project requirements)
  • TUPE consultation
  • Recruitment support

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Free Health check for Employment Law compliance

Every business that employs staff will want to ensure they have the correct employment documentation to work in line with current employment law, but equally to work efficiently and effectively within their business....... Read More and Download File

Contracts of Employment

The contract of employment, sets the foundation for the Employment Relationship, the contract must contain legal minimums, and may set out the company’s expectations of the employee’s behaviours during their employment. Within the contract of employment, both the employee and...... Read More

Employee Handbooks

An Employee handbook, or staff handbook, is a written collection and summary of an employer's policies, procedures and practices. Employee handbooks can help employers to prove that they have acted fairly and in accordance with set policies and procedures and inform...... Read More

HR Toolkits

HR Toolkits are tools to empower managers on how to deliver HR projects across business’s in a consistent way. Toolkits can contain the following information background, business reasons for the project, the purpose of the task, frequently asked questions, flowcharts, prescribed templates on how to....... Read More

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